Free Water Refill StationsWater Refill Station

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Free water is to music festivals as free breakfast is to hotels – it’s not always standard but it damn well should be. As such, we will have 8 refillable water stations at the festival to quench y’alls thirst throughout the weekend. Unlike other water delivery systems that merely dispense municipal water, these water refill stations are fitted with state of the art filtration systems (including ultraviolet sterilization) to bring you premium, refreshing and great tasting drinking water free of charge. In addition, these water stations will reduce the amount of plastic bottles used at the event, and as a result, we all score points with Mother Earth. Stay hydrated, stay green, stay cool.

Photo / GIF BoothsPhoto Booth

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Providing folks with an opportunity to capture their good looks, shenanigans, and weirdness is awesome – especially at awesome events. And for this reason, we are providing multiple state-of-the-art photo booths for your participating pleasure. Your four photos inside the booth will be printed out immediately, and you also have the option to have the GIF or JPEG emailed to you. So put down the camera-phone, grab your friends, and let these high-tech gizmos capture the memories you may not quite remember.

Click here to check out the Photo Booth from the 2013 festival.


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Stay tuned for info on 2014’s art installations. Coming Soon!

Lawn GamesLawn Games

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Lawn games are simply fun stuff. Whether you’re looking for a breather from the crowd, or need a good reason to trash talk a friend, lawn games are for you. With Corn Hole, Ladder Ball, Bocce Ball, and Life-size Connect Four, you will surely be able to find a game that suits your needs and satiates that winning desire. These games will be completely self managed, so stop by at the festival at any time for a game or two!

Face and Body PaintingFace Painting

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Nothing says festive like face painting. Except for body painting. Whether you want to bring out your inner “Braveheart” or chill like a mime, the talented artists at the face painting station can give you a fresh new look.

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