Tomorrow it all begins, and below is all the info you need to enjoy and make the most of this year’s festival. Please read through it all – it truly will help you make the most of the weekend!

How To Get There
Public Transportation: Take the 4/5/6 trains to 125th street and Lexington Avenue. You can then take the X80 Express bus directly to the island (round trip is $6), or you can walk to the island by walking east to the RFK Bridge. The walking time from 125th and Lexington to the festival is approximately 20 minutes.

Ferries: Ferries depart from 35th street and the FDR drive. Ferries will begin running at 11:00am, and will run back and forth all day long. Make sure you have purchased your ferry ticket IN ADVANCE, and make sure you bring your ferry ticket with you.

Brooklyn Shuttle: Shuttles depart from Brooklyn Bowl, and will run back and forth all day long starting at 11am. The last shuttle departs Brooklyn Bowl at 4 PM. Make sure you have purchased your shuttle ticket IN ADVANCE. Shuttle tickets will no longer be available online after 8 AM Friday morning. A limited number of shuttle tickets will be available at Brooklyn Bowl and make sure you bring your shuttle ticket with you.

Biking: You can ride your bike to the festival by crossing the 103rd street footbridge on 103rd street and FDR drive. You can make your immediate left after crossing the footbridge and follow the path to the festival site. Bike racks will be placed by Icahn stadium for you to lock up your bike. You must bring your own locks!

Cabs: You can take a cab to Randall’s Island also. You should tell your cab driver to head to Icahn Stadium on Randall’s Island.

Your Tickets
Don’t forget to bring your ticket to the festival EACH DAY! You must bring your ticket each day or you will not be allowed entry. You can print your ticket at home, or you can pull up your ticket via our mobile app or the Eventbrite app, which you can get in the app store. Download the mobile app IN ADVANCE and download your ticket within the app IN ADVANCE. Cell reception might be spotty. CLICK HERE to download the Gov Ball app now.

Download Our App
It’s incredibly comprehensive with all festival info, and you have the option to pull up your e-ticket in it.CLICK HERE to download now. Download the app in advance.

What To Bring
It looks like we will get some rain on Friday and maybe on Saturday, so please come prepared. We advise that you bring umbrellas, rain jackets, rain boots/shoes, extra pair of socks, and other clothing items that will keep you dry and comfy. Additionally, you should bring other important traditional festival items such as your license (for your 21+ wristband), cash, sunscreen, sunglasses, camelbaks, extra layer in case it gets chilly, and other items we advised via our website.

Important Announcements During Weekend
Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest announcements and news throughout the weekend. In addition to important announcements about the festival, we will alert you to special “activities” going on around the festival, impromptu “things,” and much much more.

Stay Hydrated
Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the festival weekend. Even if it’s not overly hot outside, it’s still very important to drink water and pace yourself. Free water stations will be located throughout the grounds for your drinking pleasure.

Be Green & Keep It Clean!
Help us take care of Mother Nature by making sure you recycle your cans and throw away your trash. Receptacles will be placed all throughout the grounds, and our cleaning crews will be in full effect, but every little thing you can do is greatly appreciated. Let’s make Mother Nature proud!

Be kind to your fellow festival goers, be smart, be safe, and be cool. Good vibes and high fives go a long way, and there’s nothing better than a party with smiles all around.

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