DFA 1979 Cancels / Foals Added / Beware of Fake Tickets

Death From Above 1979 Cancelled. Foals Added!

Unfortunately, Death From Above 1979 has cancelled their appearance at the festival. They have hit a wall recording their new record, and are not ready to perform live right now. We wish them all the best.

We’re thrilled, however, to announce the addition of Foals to the festival! They will be returning to NYC while touring in support of their amazing new record, ‘Holy Fire.’



Beware Of Fake Tickets

The only way to guarantee your tickets are real is if you bought them from our official ticketing page. We can’t verify tickets purchased from any other source are real. There are still 3-Day VIP and Friday VIP tickets remaining.


Think About Your Transportation To And From The Fest

Transportation tickets will likely sell out. Taking the ferry is unquestionably the easiest and best way to get to and from the festival from Manhattan. Taking the shuttle from Brooklyn will be the most convenient way to get to and from Brooklyn as well. Grab ’em HERE.

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