Festival Art & Artists Announced!

Humongous Headphones, Towering Balloons, Graffiti and More! Oh My!

The Governors Ball team knows a good party can make a big difference. We know how important it is to get together and let loose. Laugh. DANCE. The guiding force behind the inaugural Governors Ball is the music that gets people of all walks of life moving, shaking and having a good time. This collection of emerging and established, local and international artists will synthesize the music with the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of cognizant cool. From Jimmy Kuehnles larger-than-life inflatable sculptures to paintings by urban dynamo Sofia Maldonado, the art will inspire, elate and tickle the senses. Check out the Art and Artists page for more information about the stellar set of visual artists gracing the grounds of this year’s festival.


Be A Part of The Art!
“The Mural of Memorable Moments in Dance” is a large scale painting of dance-themed prose by Daniel Patrick Helmstetter. Positioned in front of the mural will be a dance floor, open for everyone to show off their best moves in front of a time-lapse video camera, set to record. Be sure to stop by to be a part of dance history.


Enter to Help Paint an Installation for The Governors Ball!
Whether on a wall, canvas or window pane, Ibrahim Ahmed III’s work always begins with a layer of rhythmically splattered paint and this time, he needs YOUR help! Hes looking for two assistants to join him in his studio space in Newark, NJs Solo(s) Project House on Saturday, June 4th at noon to help him lay down the base for this dynamic project — BY TOSSING WATER BALLOONS FULL OF PAINT! The contest will be run on our facebook page and will be announced in the coming days – keep an eye out. No painting experience necessary. Winners will be chosen before the festival, so be sure to keep up with our facebook page to be one of the lucky two who can hang with Ibrahim, throw some paint around and take part in the art!

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